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Educational programs

According to our Statement of Commitment and Basic Principles of Mission, the educational programs of the institute are focusing on the following topics:

  • 1. History of the Holocaust and its historiographical approach,
  • 2. Holocaust denial in the aftermath of the Second World War, including the post-communist period,
  • 3. Studies of various specific aspects of the Holocaust,
  • 4. Studies of genocide, including the following:
    • a) Case studies and comparative genocide studies (for example, the Armenian genocide, genocide in Rwanda, the genocide in Timor - resemblances and differences to the Holocaust);
    • b) Genocide and crimes against humanity;
    • c) Genocide and "ethnic cleansing" (the former Yugoslavia);
    • d) Genocidal denial;
    • e) Prosecution of genocide perpetrators (Nuremberg tribunals, International criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda);
    • f) Prosecution on local levels;
    • g) Aspects of genocide prevention.
  • 5. Studies of competitive martyrology and competitive memory.