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Your donation will help us continue to preserve the accurate historical record of the Holocaust and share its important lessons with the coming generations of students through performant educational programs. This is especially important nowadays, when public sphere is invaded by various Holocaust denial, relativization, and obfuscation theories.

The original, microfilmed and digital document collections and the library of our institute constitutes the authentic foundation of the most effective Holocaust remembrance, research, and education programs. With the rise of Holocaust denial, the power and authenticity of our collection is becoming even greater.

Your donation can be directed both to educational, research, and remembrance programs. You can help financing scholarships for students and scholarly research on different subjects related to the Holocaust. The offered scholarship can bear and memorialize the name of a victim of the Holocaust.

Special help is needed also for the aquisition of digital infrastucture devices serving the easier access and maintainance of our archival materials.

Thank you.



Please, make donations to:


Asociația Facultății de Științe Politice, Administrative și ale Comunicării (FSPAC) ‒ Cluj

[Association of the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (FSPAC) ‒ Cluj]


Address: Str. Nicolae Titulescu nr. 26, RO‒400420 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Registred by Cluj-Napoca Court Decision No. 92/2013

Tax Code: 32204980


Bank Account IBAN-Number: RO86BTRLRONCRT0209046301

Bank: Banca Transilvania Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Address of the bank: B-dul Eroilor nr. 36, RO400129 Cluj-Napoca, Romania




Please, indicate on the bank transfer form as final beneficiary of your donation the Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies of FSPAC.

Also, please, inform us about your donation and its purpose (scholarships, research, infrastructure, etc.) at