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1 RG-25.006M Reel 1-17 = 17 1996.A.0199 Romanian Foreign Ministry Archives records Contains various documents relating to German-Romanian relations from the perspective of the "Jewish problem." Also contains information on the fate of Romanian Jews in various parts of Nazi occupied Europe.
2 RG-25.015M Reel 1-7 = 7 2002.130 Records from the Jewish Democratic Committee of the Central Committee of Romanian Communist Party, 1945-1952 Contains reports and correspondence including memoranda of the Jewish Democratic Committee of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party.
3 RG-25.026M Reel 1-13 = 13 2005.221 Selected records from the collections of the Timis branch of the Romanian National Archive, 1940-1953 Includes records, mostly from the war years, concerning Jewish matters and the policy of local offices toward Jewish questions. They include selected records from the prefecture of Timiş-Torontal, the Legion of Gendarmerie of the Severin district, the regional police inspectorate and Chief of the municipal police of Timişoara, the police headquarters of Oraşului Lugoj, and the Comitetul Democratic Evreiesc Timisoara.
4 RG-25.027M Reel 1 = 1 2005.225 Selected records from collections of the Sabin Manuila Branch of the Romanian National Archives, 1940-1944 Contains records related to the fate of Romanies ("Gypsies") in Romania as well as to forced labor of Jews.
5 RG-25.028M Reel 1-20 = 20 2005.223 Selected records from collections of the Mures branch of the Romanian National Archives, 1933-1950 Includes records concerning Jewish matters and the policy of local offices toward Jewish questions. Contains orders to arrest war criminals, investigations into alleged war criminals, surveillance of nomadic Romanies, reports on deportation of Jews to Auschwitz, military taxes owed by Jews, surveillance of the Iron Guards, confiscation of Jewish property, treatment of arrested British and American POWs, and correspondence concerning the "Jewish problem." The collection contains selected records from the Legion of Gendarmes of Mures̜, the Mayoralty of Tirgu-Mures̜, the Prefecture of Mures district, the Prefecture of Târnava Mare, the Commissariat of Police in Reghin district, and from various other Gendarmerie headquarters. It also includes selected postwar records of the Jewish Democratic Committees of Tárnaveni in the districts of Tárnava Mică and Mureş, and containing one file concerns orders and regulations about expropriation from Jews and Bulgarians in 1941.
6 RG-25.093M Reel 1-39 = 39 2013.209 Selected records from the Ministry of National Propaganda, 1933-1943 Contains records relating to speeches by Argetoianu, and C. Giurescu, miscellaneous information about the Iron Guard and Antonescu's activities, speeches by prominent Iron Guard members, propaganda articles about Antonescu, material related to the confiscation of Jewish property, and the relationship between Iron Guard and Nazi ideology. Includes reports from Paris about anti-Semitism, foreign views on the policies of the Goga government, speeches by Carol II, diplomatic reports from Bucharest and Berne relating to Nazi propaganda, reports from the Hungarian, Polish, American, Austrian, and Bulgarian press, reports from the General Consulate of Romania in Palestine on Zionism, and press reports on the treatment of minorities and anti-Semitism from Budapest, Berlin, and Warsaw. Also includes American and British press coverage of Romania and anti-Semitism in Romania, German press coverage...  oft that country's relationship with Romania, American and British press relating to the Iron Guard rebellion. Contains also biographies of Antonescu and Codreanu, articles from the Soviet press on Bessarabia, various studies on Bessarabia, Transnistria and Transylvania, various studies about Jews and Communists, Romanian propaganda abroad; propaganda on Romanian soldiers in Bessarabia, the visit of Curzio Malaparte to Romania, the visit of Paul Schmidt, head of the Press Service of the Third Reich to Romania; and various reports from the US and Great Britain on persecution of Jews and anti-Semitic decrees, and the Rador Press Agency relating to the political situation in Romania, 1938-1944.
7 RG-31.011M Reel 1-34 = 34 1996.A.0343 Vinnitsa Oblast Archive records.1941-1943 This collection contains various types of documents relating to the registration of Jews and Roma and Sinti (Gypsies); the confiscation, plundering, and disposition of Jewish property; labor policies regarding local-hire employees in agriculture and industry; anti-partisan activities; the registration of taxpayers; the ghettoization of Jews; the requirement to wear the Star of David; medical conditions in the ghettos; and aid to Romanian Jews from the Federation of Romanian Jews (Central Evreilor Bucharest). Included are name lists of Jews in forced labor, Jews working in civil administration offices, and Jews forced to pay special taxes.
8 RG-31.014M Reel 1-4 = 4 1996.A.0115 Selected Records from the Odessa Oblast Archives, Izmail branch, 1942-1944 Contains records from the Transnistria region (Ukraine) related to economic, administrative, religious and political matters. Collection consists of correspondence, name lists, orders, instructions from the Governor's office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and police offices pertaining to political, moral, and economic condition of the population. Includes material on Communist and Komsomol party activities, Jewish and Gypsy labor camps, various religious sects, and lists of persons working in the "Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle".
9 RG-39.004M Reel 1-3, 5-26 = 25; Reel 4 does not exist! 2002.288 Records of Hungarian Royal Home Defense Ministry, Presidential Department A-Presidential series, 1938-1941 The collection consists of reports, decrees, correspondence, memoranda, and other records of the Presidential Section of the Ministry of Defense, pertaining to its efforts to respond to the requirements of the Second Anti-Jewish Law and other regulations that discriminated against Hungarian Jews. Files include documents pertaining to how to identify Jewish personnel, disciplinary actions taken against them, and the transfer of Jewish military personnel to the labor service system. In addition to Jewish personnel, however, the records also contain files regarding disciplinary actions taken against members of non-Jewish religious organizations, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and Nazarenes, as well as files on Roma and Sinti, and Polish prisoners-of-war assigned to the labor service system.
10 RG-39.005M Reel 1-7 = 7 2006.453 Records of the 8th Gendarmerie District, Kassa, Hungary (MOL Z 936), 1944-1945 This collection contains records of the confiscation, processing, and distribution of Jewish property in Hungary in 1944. It contains computation sheets, reports, and certificates about valuables taken from individuals who were deported in 1944 from the Trans-Carpathian region, Bereg county and its neighboring places, and from the vicinity of Budapest.
11 RG-39.007M Reel 1-3 = 3 2006.263 General Records of the Hungarian Ministry of International Affairs (MOL K 150), 1939-1944 This collection contains records concerning anti-Jewish legislation in Hungary, the legal foundation for the activities of German agencies there, the exemption of some individuals from anti-Jewish measures, instructions to various levels of public administration regarding Jewish matters, the processing of passports, repatriation, disciplinary actions, and grievances. It also includes records of steps taken to protect Hungarian citizens living abroad.
12 RG-39.008M Reel 1-22 = 22 2006.264 Personal Records of the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOL K 150 P), 1939-1944 Records of Hungarian law enforcement authorities about extra-judicial suppression of such activities as "spreading rumors," "anti-state" or "anti-Hungarian" statements, listening to British or Soviet radio broadcasts, "profiteering," "hoarding," sheltering Jewish fugitives, providing the latter with false papers, bribing officials, "vagrancy," prostitution, "miscegination," and so on. Measures included not only arrest and incarceration, but house arrest, restrictions on use of telephones and postal services, banishment from particular places, forbidding contact with persons outside immediate family, and the like. Police records (including fingerprints), suspects' statements, authorizations, appeals, suspension of measures, communications with attorneys, and other materials.
13 RG-39.009M Reel 1 = 1 2006.262 Selected Records of the Executive Office of the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs…, 1938-1944 Contains parliamentary interpellations (e.g., by the Nyilaskeresztes Párt (Arrow-Cross Party) MP Kálmán Hubay or the anti-Nazi MP Endre Bajcsy-Zsilinszky) to the Minister; the latter's responses; reports to the Minister regarding Jewish individuals (e.g., the Communist Endre Ságvári) and communities (e.g., of Békés county); the citizenship of Jews; the 1941 deportation of “stateless” Jews; exemptions of Jewish doctors from anti-Jewish measures; residence of Jews and Romanies; the November 1944 creation of the Budapest ghetto; war casualties; and others.
14 RG-39.010M Reel 1-33 = 33 2004.744 Selected records of the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOL K 149 BM res.), 1938-1944 This collection includes documents relating mainly to matters as: Communists movements; maters of neighboring states; the Hungarian Nationalists Party movements; Arrow Cross Party activities; Passport and naturalization issues; minority affairs; press affairs; parties and associations affairs; banning Jewish affairs meetings, and “Hungarista movements”. Contains signed and anonymous denunciations; decisions to grant or deny petitions; orders imposing police surveillance, round-ups, arrests, internment, deportations, mobilization, or the confiscation of property; instructions, monthly reports, circulars, and confidential memoranda; decrees concerning the territories assigned Hungary by the Vienna Awards; emigration, immigration, citizenship, and residency records; cases of defamation of the Regent or the Fatherland; records of smuggling and the black market; activities of parties, other ... political organizations, associations of foreigners, religious congregations, and charitable organizations; Polish civilian refugees census; the League of Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to the United States intervention documents, and more.
15 RG-39.011M Reel 1, 3-5 = 4; Missing Reel 2! 2004.745 Provincial police reports to the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs(MOL K 149 PTI),1941-1944 Contains monthly police reports for more than sixty cities; Intelligence on rightists (e.g., Arrow Cross) and leftists (e.g., Social-Democrats and Communists); various nationalities (Ruthenians, Germans, Slovaks, and others); religious sects (e.g., Jehovah’s Witnesses); and Jews, including refugees from Slovakia; Secret reports on public opinion generally and among suspect groups in particular about political, military, and economic affairs.
16 RG-39.012M Reel 1= 1 2005.581 Records of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Political Department (MOL K 63), 1944 The collection contains selected records relating to Hungarian foreign relations and policies. Includes reports submitted in 1944 by Hungarian diplomatic missions in Arad (Oradea), Bucharest, and Brasov (Brassó) in Romania to the Foreign Ministry in Budapest about incidents concerning Jews; a speech of the priest Áron Márton at St. Michael's Church, May 1944, condemned the prepared deportation of Romanian and Hungarian Jews; also contains Hungarian German press article and clippings.
17 RG-39.013M Reel 1-150+3: (5A;28A;127A) = 153 2007.241 Records related to Hungarian Jewish communities,1944-1956 The collection consists of written recollections, protocols of the Magyarországi Zsidók Deportáltakat Gondozó Országos Bizottsága, DEGOB (National Committee Taking Care of Hungarian Jewish Deportees), an index to the DEGOB protocols, documents of the Central Council of the Hungarian Jews, records related to the registration of the Jewish communities, documents of the countryside ghettos, Holocaust-related name lists, lists of victims, prisoner registry cards, casualty cards, documents related to labor service, deportation of Hungarian Jews, rescue, resistance, inventories of the confiscated items and objects, tracing and compensation, anti-Semitic measures of the authorities; documents certifying labor service terms, personal documents from the Holocaust era, personal legacies, recollections, diaries, documents of the Hungarian Institute for Research of the Jewish Question, trial recor... ds, anti-Semitic publications, news clippings from various newspapers, concentration camps profiles, miscellaneous Holocaust-related documents, reports of status of inhabitants of Budapest, a report of Sándor Náthán, envoy of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, supplementary materials, documents related to the Central Jewish Council donated to the Archives in 2007, documents of the Jewish communities of Buda and Pest, and the Hungarian countryside. The accretion of the collection consists of documents of the Central Council of Hungarian Jews; miscellaneous documents of the Pest Jewish Community (including lists of internees transported to the Ukraine by the Hungarians in the framework of the so-called Kamenets Podolsk deportations of July 1941); Documents of the National Representation of Hungarian Israelites, Documents of the National Office of Hungarian Israelites (including post-war correspondence regarding efforts to reconstruct life in the countryside), and Documents of the Budapest Jewish Community.
18 RG-39.017M Reel 1 = 1 2005.582 Records of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office: Bureau of Exceptions (MOL K 466), 1944 Under German occupation in Hungary, in 1944, Regent Miklos Horthy established an office to exempt prominent Jews from particular measures such as wearing the yellow star, ghettoization, or deportation. This collection contains lists of people eligible for exemption status and individuals applying for this status.
19 RG-39.021M Reel 1-6 = 6 2008.264 György Bakách-Bessenyey papers (MOL P 2066), 1943-1956 This collection contains the papers of György Bakách-Bessenyey (1892‒1959), Hungarian envoy to Switzerland who resigned upon the German occupation of Hungary on March 19, 1944, and who played an instrumental role drawing the attention of the West to the deportation of Hungary's Jews. His correspondence, reports, speeches, articles constitute the collection.
20 RG-39.034M Reel 1-4 = 4 2005.583 Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs: Central Authority for Controlling Foreigners, 1933-1944 Miscellaneous correspondence reports from the head of the KEOKH (National Central Authority for Controlling Foreigners) in Budapest. Includes individual files of foreign citizens, most of them Jewish, who came to the attention of KEOKH. The files are arranged in alphabetical order.
21 RG-39.035M Reel 1-2 = 2 2007.431 Papers of László Endre ( MOL K 557),1944 The collection contains files documenting Endre’s activities during the year 1944, during the period when he was appointed state secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, in the government of Andor Jaross, as well as the period covering his removal from that post in September 1944, and his reinstatement to the government in October 1944, as part of the ultra-fascist regime of Ferenc Szalasi and his Arrow Cross party. Most of the documentation in this collection was created between April through August, 1944, a period of time when Endre was most active in implementing the roundups and deportations of Jews from throughout Hungary.
22 RG-68.029M Reel 1-17 = 17 2003.171 Selected Records of Jewish Communities in Romania... (ACMEOR), 1933-1950 Contains records of the following Jewish communities in Romania: Botosani, Alba Julia, Bacău, Bucharest, Cernauti (Chernivt︠s︡i), Dorohoi, Falticeni, Galați, Iași, Piatra Neamț, Craiova, Constanța, Ploiești, Suceava (Suchava, Succava) and others. Also contains information about the ships Struma and Mefkure, antisemitism, Aserei Zion (arrested for Zionism), aliyah (going to Israel), parachutists, and files on the indivisuals Zissu, Filderman, and Safran.
23 RG-68.061M Reel 1-3 = 3 2005.55 Records of the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1938-1944 Collection contains Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs (Belügyminisztérium) records of Jews who were exempted from the anti-Jewish laws. Reel No. 2 also contains Foreign Ministry (Külügyminisztérium) records about interdepartmental issues like the cases of Hungarian Jews who wanted to repatriate after living abroad, foreign nationals of Jewish origin living in Hungary, Hungarian government guarantees issued to emigrating Hungarian Jews, and extradition issues involving Hungarian Jews. Reel No. 2 also contains some late 1944 records of the Arrow Cross-controlled Ministry of Religious Affairs and Education (Vallás- és Közoktatásügyi Minisztérium), documenting requests for exempted status.
24 RG-68.062M Reel 1-14 = 14 2005.56 Records of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1939-1944 This collection contains political reports, memoranda, general correspondence, and other records pertaining to legal, consular, and other travel; repatriation; citizenship; charity; deportation; property; and real estate matters. There also are records pertaining to issues concerning arrested and interned individuals, and requests for information. Documents created by the Foreign Ministry and embassies or consulates in Berlin, Brussels, Rome, Vichy, the Vatican, Washington, Bern, and Amsterdam.
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